Timpany Senior Secondary School

(Managed by ETASI , Founded by Canadian Baptist Mission-1931)

Director’s Message

Director’s Message

Mrs. Annie Cherian

Dear Parents, Friends & Colleagues

The world is a stake  

We have to enact

But when we play out our roles

It has to be with dedication, Compassion, Honesty, commitment& Integrity

When we look around, we find ourselves in a fast-changing world. What we see today may not be what we see & hear tomorrow. Our children are growing in a fast-changing world and we need to change according to the need of the hour.

You as a parent & we as teachers need to instill willpower, the strength of mind and the right values and attitudes into our dear children so that they do not get trapped in this degenerate world but move forward for the best they can get through honest labor, show mercy &concern for the society and the environment at large because when the world around is happy only then we as individuals can be secure & happy.

So let all of us hold our hands together, smile & move forward towards a better world and leave behind the best legacy possible

 Thank you God bless all of you & us.

Mrs. Annie Cherian


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